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Bed and breakfast

Our rooms

Looking at our rooms you can tell that we put an emphasis on traditional coziness.

Although the toilets are across the hall, each room has an en-suite shower to offer our guests not only traditional hospitality but also modern amenities.

Bue room

With a double bed and two additional beds the Blue Room offers sufficient space to stay in for a rainy day without getting into each other's way. The name comes from the blue furniture that used to be in this room. The furniture is new but the name has stuck.

Bio room

The Bio Room is extremely popular with lovers of raw materials since we have used only original old wood for the interior.

Room 5

is a double room for a cozy stay. In the morning the sun will greet you through the balcony door and in the evening you can enjoy the mild summer night.


According to lore, many years ago - when our guesthouse was a newly built farm house - an old crippled women used to live in the washhouse whom everyone called "Hexe" (witch). She knew about herbs and loved to roam through the forest at night babbling strange things.
However, one day she disappeared and hasn't been seen since.

This happened a long time ago and we decided recently to turn the small room into a cozy guest room.

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